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About YO

Everything you need to know about the brand YO

It contains only the fruitiest fruit – but what’s behind YO?

Desktop imageYO Fruchtsirup Über YO

About YO

YO makes life fruity

We’re very picky when it comes to fruit. After all, fruit lovers young and old have relied on us for decades to experience fruity delight with every bottle. 

That’s why only the best fruit will pass our strict quality controls. YO’s fruitiest fruit is nurtured lovingly until it is ripe and ready to be harvested. This means you can enjoy the fruitiest fruits sip by sip – all year round.

But the success of YO fruit syrup is due to more than just the fruitiest fruit: The absolutely unique no-mess cap, state-of-the-art production facilities, decades of tradition, the constant further development of our product range and no artificial colourants or preservatives have been making YO a real favourite since 1936.

YO Fruchtsirup Über YO Familie

YO – perfect for the whole family

Many remember YO fruit syrup from their younger years and are now passing on their fruit memories to their children. This trust has made us the most popular fruit syrup in Austria. 

YO makes life easier: Dilute YO syrup with water at a ratio of 1+8 before drinking – and one bottle of YO will save plenty of space and weight. YO contains only the best parts of the fruit in concentrated form, entirely without artificial colourants or preservatives.

Discover the fruity YO world of flavour now.

Easy to pour thanks to the no-mess cap

Everyone who loves fruit syrup knows: Pouring it out can be a sticky affair. It can be especially challenging for tiny hands. That’s why YO has developed the absolutely unique no-mess cap for its new 0.7 L PET bottles:
-    No-mess cap: No more sticky fingers!
-    Syrup basin: For easier dosage!
-    Handy ergonomic grip: Easier to hold, easier to pour!
-    High-quality PET material: Light and unbreakable!

YO stands for quality that you can taste

YO fruit syrup flavours only use the best, carefully selected ingredients from strictly controlled production – with no exceptions! These are then processed at state-of-the-art production facilities in Austria to create the fruity drink.

Decades of experience and competence in the area of production have given us the best recipes. And this is the fruit-lover’s guarantee for the unrivalled YO taste – even in the new YO fruit syrup flavours.

YO Fruchtsirup Über YO Qualität

Our history – from the Must Quarter region in Austria into the world

Did you know that YO stands for “Ybbstaler Obstverwertung”? The name comes from the original production facilities in the Must Quarter in Lower Austria, which has been famous for its blooming meadow orchards since time immemorial.

Our history began in 1936 by turning must into brandy. But in 1950, fruitier tastes in a concentrated form became our passion – and the sweet success story of YO fruit syrup began. 

Discover our whole success story – sip by sip from then until now! 

YO fruit syrups – a huge export hit!

YO fruit syrup also pleases palates far beyond Austria – it is extremely popular in Eastern Europe and Germany, which is why we have been exporting our YO fruit syrup for years. 

In Eastern European countries, especially the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, YO fruit syrup made from the best fruit can be found in the premium segment of food retail.  You can find our partners in our export offices under Contact.

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