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Have a fruity question?

Our FAQs contain refreshing answers.

For our syrups, we recommend diluting at a ratio of 1+7, meaning 1 part syrup + 7 parts water. But you can mix your drink any way you like it: Using still or sparkling water, sweeter or less sweet, or with a hint of fruit – it’s up to you!

This is our tried-and-tested “no-mess cap”, which provides a syrup basin to catch any trips and makes it easy to pour. We recommend opening the cap carefully, like this:

1.    Unscrew the cap: We recommend holding the cap towards the bottom in order not to put any pressure on the movable hinged lid.
2.    Remove the sealing foil: Then fit the cap again and close firmly.
3.    Open the hinged lid: Position your fingers in the recessed grip of the hinged lid and carefully push the cap upwards using your thumb. Since this is a movable “hinge”, it is important not to push the cap too far back or open it too forcefully. You can now pour out and enjoy your YO fruit syrup without sticky fingers.

We can confirm that all YO syrups are vegan.

Our syrups meet the global requirements for “gluten-free foods” (< 20 mg/kg). As such, all YO fruit syrups are classed as gluten-free.

YO fruit syrups are made from fruit juice, sweetening carbohydrates and citric acid. Our YO Fruity syrups also use additional fruit purée for an even more intensely fruity taste. YO syrups are made without artificial sweeteners, added colourants or preservatives.

Our YO fruit syrups are formulated and filled in Austria.

Ingredients like beet sugar and most of our raw fruit come from Europe, but all exotic fruit is grown in other cultivation areas where the climate is more suitable.

YO PET bottles are BPA-free and contain a proportion of 25% recycled PET (rPET) in order to close the raw material cycles during production. Our PET bottles are 100% recyclable and are returned to the so-called Closed Substance Cycle if they are recycled via your recycling bin or bags.

The YO glass bottles in their recognisable YO shape are white glass disposable bottles (no deposit). You can recycle the empty bottles via your local glass recycling scheme (for white glass). 100% of the raw materials are returned to the glass packaging industry: The used glass is melted down and reblown into new glass packaging – a perfect substance cycle. Used glass is the most important raw material by volume for new glass packaging. Glass can be recycled to make top-grade products.

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