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Our history – from the Must Quarter region in Austria into the world

Discover YO’s sweet success story sip by sip

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“Ybbstaler Obstverwertung” is founded

The story begins when must from the Must Quarter region of Austria is processed to make brandy. The Must Quarter has been one of the most fertile regions since time immemorial.


We give our hearts to the fruitiest fruit

The sweet success story of YO fruit syrups starts with the production launch of YO fruit juices.


We make it official

In order to seal our marriage covenant, we take the next step and officially register the brand YO.


Success takes its course

The brand YO is registered for juices and syrups. In the 1970s, YO fruit syrup is introduced in Austria.


The unique YO bottle is born

It’s time: We introduce 0.7 L YO fruit syrup in the typical YO glass bottle. This marks the birth of the new YO bottle.


Light fruity delight for the calorie conscious

YO Diet fruit syrup with 2/3 fewer calories and full taste in four fruity flavours is an absolute innovation on the syrup market.


A new addition to the family: fruity iced tea

The flavour YO peach iced tea syrup, a mild iced tea as a convenient syrup (1:6 dilutable), is on everyone’s lips.


Sticky fingers are a thing of the past

The international launch of the PET bottle with no-mess cap puts an end to sticky fingers! The introduction of the convenient 0.7 L PET bottle with the brand-new YO no-mess cap is an absolute innovation on the fruit syrup market.


The true thirst quencher

The sub-range YO Fresh is the first YO fruit syrup to quench thirst based on refreshing citrus fruit.


The taste of the four seasons

The sub-range “YO seasonal fruits” pays homage to the four seasons in an alternating product range tailored to the seasons.


Refreshing re-design

To make sure that our syrups are as refreshing on the outside as they are on the inside, we gave our YO 0.7 L PET bottle range (classic & fresh) a new label design.


YO celebrates its 60th YO-NNIVERSARY

To celebrate the day, we have added two new yo-nniversary flavours: “YO redcurrant” and “YO white multivitamin” with specially designed retro yo-nniversary label.


Home-made lemonade for everyone

We launch “YO syrup for home-made lemonade” as a limited edition – in the new, conveniently smaller 0.35 L PET bottles. YO is the first brand to take up the trend of home-made lemonade to enjoy at home.


Full flavour has a name: YO Fruchtvoll

With the new sub-range YO Fruchtvoll in 0.35 L PET bottles, we have redefined fruitiness: Significantly more fruit and 30% less sugar. The result: An especially intense, natural fruit flavour thanks to the higher fruit juice content and fruit purée.


Our classic conquers beer gardens as a large container

We have thought up something very special for our highly esteemed caterers: YO large container. Austria’s favourite, the absolute taste classic YO elderberry, is now also available as a 10L BIB POM for catering dispensing systems.


The YO family adds a new fruity-fresh member

YO Bio in the new 0.5 L glass bottles is added to the product range: Certified organic fruit delight in the flavours raspberry-lemon, blackcurrant and lemonbalm.

YO Fruchtvoll is now also available in the new 0.5 L glass bottles. An intense flavour sensation with 30% less sugar – a true delight in the flavours apricot and berries.


100% taste. 0% sugar.

Enjoy the fruitest syrup with more lightness without any sugar. The popular YO flavors raspberry, raspberry-lemon and elderflower convince as well as sugarfree alternative with intense taste and only 2 kcal/100 ml finished drink.

YO Ohne Zucker is the ideal fruity refreshment for everyone who wants to reduce calories but doesn't want to miss great taste.


More fruitiest YO fruits without any sugar!

Something new for all, who want to enjoy something refreshing and light: YO ohne Zucker lemon-lime and YO Ohne Zucker orange. Togehter with rapsberry, raspberry-lemon and elderflower, there is 5 times now: 100% taste. 0% sugar!

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