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YO Classic

The 11 fruity classics taste great for young and old alike.

Desktop imageYO Fruchtsirup Über YO Sortiment Bio

Colourfully varied taste makes your life fruity

Did you know that YO is short for “Ybbstaler Obstverwertung” and that our love of juicy sweet fruit has literally borne fruit for more than 60 years? We were already turning fruit into cheerfully fruity refreshments for the whole family in 1950, choosing not to use any chemical preservatives or artificial colourants. Only the very best fruits make it into our bottles thanks to our strict quality controls.

We are told again and again that you can taste our dedication. Why not try it out for yourself and be convinced sip by sip. All 11 delicious YO Classic fruit syrups are available in the convenient 0.7 L PET bottles with their unique no-mess bottle top for childishly easy pouring without spillage and stickiness.

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