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YO Fresh

Refreshing thirst quencher with natural citrus taste in two crisp versions.

Desktop imageYO Fruchtsirup YO Fresh

Fruity citrus for sunny moods

The fruity citrus syrup YO Fresh, made from refreshingly sour citrus fruit, is miraculously invigorating. This summer thirst quencher with its natural citrus taste is naturally less sweet than regular syrup. A delicious refreshment, not only on hot summer days!

All flavours in the YO Fresh fruit syrup range are available in the convenient 0.7 L PET bottles with their unique no-mess bottle top for childishly easy pouring without spillage and stickiness. 

YO Fresh serving suggestions:
You can easily decorate the YO Fresh flavours with fruit lime slices or fresh herbs. Serve in a stylish glass pitcher for an even more enjoyable lunch or an end of the day get-together on the patio.

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