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YO Fruchtvoll

Fruity redefined: Super-high fruit content of approx. 60%, plus 30% less sugar!

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Naturally fruity taste with an extra portion of fruit

What makes this intensely fruity taste sensation special? At YO, we are loyal to our fruitiest fruit, which is why YO Fruchtvoll uses even more fruit. The syrup gets its full fruit note from its super-high juice content and extra portion of fruit purée.

At the same time, YO Fruchtvoll syrups are made with 30% less sugar. We consciously use no artificial sweeteners and no colourants or preservatives, just more fruit! And because our YO Fruchtvoll flavours contain less sugar and no preservatives, our Fruchtvoll flavours need to be refrigerated after opening.

The two tasty YO Fruchtvoll flavours are available in 0.5 L glass bottles in the recognisable YO shape.

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