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Intense taste of ripe apricot

We thought: If you love fruit, you will really love YO Fruchtvoll apricot! That’s because this syrup has the bundled taste of many sun-ripened apricots.

YO Fruchtvoll apricot promises the unique scent of summer and an intensely fruity sensation with an extra portion of fruit purée. It also contains 30% less sugar and only the fruitiest fruit.


Sugar, apricot puree (30%), orange juice concentrate (30%), water, acidifier: citric acid, carrot juice concentrate, flavor.

Our dilution recommendation

Without the addition of colorants and preservatives

Naturally Vegan

More fruit, 30% less sugar

Nutritional values

for 100ml finished drink
25 kcal; 108 kJEnergy value
0 gProtein
0 gFat
0 gsaturated fatty acids
6,3 gCarbohydrates
6,2 gof which sugars
0 gSalt

Our organic syrups are free of colorings * conversion substances * and acidulants.

* According to EU BIC regulation

Recipe ideas


Apricot-mint punch

Extra fruity apricot punch for hot temperatures

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