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YO Ohne Zucker

100% taste. 0% sugar.

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Enjoy the fruitest fruits without any sugar

Enjoy the fruitest syrup with more lightness without any sugar. The popular YO flavors raspberry, raspberry-lemon and elderflower convince as well as sugarfree alternative with intense taste and only 2 kcal/100 ml finished drink.
YO Ohne Zucker is the ideal fruity refreshment for everyone who wants to reduce calories but doesn't want to miss great taste.


As common at YO, the sugarfree range is produced in the established YO quality. The usage of the best, carefully selected raw materials from strictly controlled production and the waiver of added colorings is part of the YO philosophy.

YO ohne Zucker ist available in the 0,7L PET bottle in the well-known YO shape.

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