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Berry-cinnamon punch

Fruity berry delight for cosy winter evenings

Ingredients for 6 – 8 small servings

350 g

berries (frozen)


cinnamon sticks

3 – 4

star anise

1 EL


275 ml

YO Fruchtvoll berries syrup

500 ml

apple juice


of half an organic lemon

500 ml

fruit tea


organic lemon


200 ml red wine (or 1 shot of rum)


2 rosemary twigs as a garnish


Combine the berries with the spices, YO Fruchtvoll berries syrup, apple juice, optionally red wine or a shot of rum and lemon juice, and leave to soak overnight. Remove the spices and take out approx. 1/3 of the berries. Add the fruit tea and lemon slices and briefly bring to the boil. Crush the berries a little. Pour through a sieve and serve warm together with one tbsp of berries. Garnish with the rosemary.

YO Fruchtsirup YO Rezepte Beeren Punsch

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