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Mediterranean Lemonade sugarfree

Summer lemonade where you dream about holidays

Ingredients for 4 portions


90 ml

YO Sugarfree Syrup Lemon-Lime

30 ml

YO Sugarfree Syrup Orange

1 L

sparkling water


orange, lemon & lime in slices


mint or lemon balm


Mix both YO Sugarfree syrups and pour the mix up with cold sparkling water. Cut the citrus fruits into sliced and add them. Serve the lemonade with ice cubes.

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Recipe ideas


Fruity Raspberry Bars

Fruity Raspberry Bars with YO Sugarfree Syrup Raspberry.


Elderflower-Lemon Cordial sugarfree

Elderflower-Lemon Cordial sugarfree with YO Sugarfree Syrup Elderflower

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