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Eckes-Granini Austria GmbH
Pummerinfeld 1b
4490 St. Florian

Doris Leitner
YO Brand Manager
Tel.: +43 (0)7224 / 418 88–151


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The Ybbstaler fruit processing company is founded.

The story begins when grape “most” from the Mostviertel region of Austria is fermented to make spirits.


The first cartons for juice are launched on the market with YO’s juice box.

Volume: 0.7l carton with aluminium coating.

Flavours: Orange, fruit ABC, pear, blackcurrant, apple juice


YO is awarded the Austrian State Prize for Advertising for “Von jeder Frucht das Beste pur” (Only the best of every fruit).


YO launches a fruity thirst-quencher in a soft-drink carton.


YO fruit juices, fruit nectars and soft drinks are now available in 1l combibloc cartons.

The “YO sunshine logo” becomes more widespread.

YO fruit syrup packaging is given a makeover: Fresh, cheerful, and child-friendly.


Start of the print and poster campaign “Jedem sein YO” (Each to their YO).

First mention of the YO Vit product in a 0.5l carton.


The new TV advertising campaign “YO schmeckt mehr nach Frucht” (YO tastes more like fruit) begins.

YO Light diet lemonade is launched with a huge advertising campaign.

YO sun & fun is launched.

The YO logo is adapted: “FROM YO COUNTRY”


Re-launch of cartons for YO 100% juices and nectars. The natural fruit sweetener “YO BI SWEET” is launched.


Innovation: YO Bi Sweet sweetener


YO Gastro: The practical triple concentrate in a 1l carton is launched.


The YO fruit juice range is re-introduced in new cartons with a special ‘combiTop’ cap.


Introduction of sun & fun ice tea


New advertising campaign “Ja zu YO – Trinkens YO nix anderes” (YES to YO –drink YO, nothing else) on TV and radio.


A switch is made from 1l bottles to 0.7l glass bottles for YO fruit syrup. This marks the birth of the new YO bottle.

YO fruit juices are launched in their typical, high, slim-line combibloc premium cartons with combiTop closures.


The introduction of YO Vital brings fresh momentum to the fruit juice market.


YO launches its premium syrup YO Pur in the spring. YO Pur combines pure pleasure with natural taste.


YO Natur again sets new standards on the fruit juice market. In February, eight different flavours are sold for the first time in 0.75l cartons. Four additional flavours follow a few months later in 1l cartons.


An absolute innovation on the syrup market: The new YO diet fruit syrup (YO FRUIT SYRUP / DIET FRUIT SYRUP) is launched in four fruity variations – with 2/3 less calories and a full fruity flavour.


New trend flavours of YO diet fruit syrups: Ice tea with peach – a mild iced tea, available as a convenient syrup (can be diluted 1:6).

New: YO diet ice tea with peach or raspberry & lemon in 1.5l PET bottles.


The “fruitiest fruits” take the stage for the first time in a wide-spread TV and radio advertising campaign.


Three new YO flavours are launched in Austrian supermarkets: Apple, peach and diet elderflower.

YO orange fruit syrup is launched on the export market. This flavour is of great significance in the Eastern European food trade. A poster and citylight campaign in the Czech Republic supports the launch in the spring of 2008.


No more sticky fingers! The introduction of the convenient 0.7l PET bottle with the brand-new YO Anti-Patz no-mess cap (THE YO BRAND / ANTI-PATZ CAP) proved to be an absolute innovation for Eckes-Granini Austria on the fruit syrup market.

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