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Doris Leitner
YO Brand Manager
Tel.: +43 (0)7224 / 418 88–151


12.10.11 14:34 Age: 9 Jahre

Apple & alpine herbs

Category: Sortiment
Apples getting in a stew with herbs – or, to be more precise, liaising to form an exceptional and flavourful concoction.

The secret of this exceptional taste lies in the wonderful variety of herbs to be found in the Alps. Combined with apple, they can unfold their full flavour. One sip of YO apple & alpine herbs fruit syrup will conjure up memories of your last hike in the mountains – remote Alpine pastures, meadows full of flowers, birds chirping and a rustic cold meat platter.

YO fruit tip:
Dilute your YO apple & alpine herbs fruit syrup with cooled mineral water. This makes it even more refreshing – and is guaranteed to give you back your bounce, even when you’re tired!