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Eckes-Granini Austria GmbH
Pummerinfeld 1b
4490 St. Florian

Doris Leitner
YO Brand Manager
Tel.: +43 (0)7224 / 418 88–151


12.10.11 14:34 Age: 9 Jahre


Category: Sortiment
The powerful flavours of thousands of fruity cherries in a uniquely fascinating drink.

Cherries have fascinated man from the beginning of time: Even in the Stone Age, people collected this fruit. Later on, Greeks and Romans were also enraptured by the taste of cherries. In the end, it was thanks to the ardour of the Romans that cherry trees spread throughout the whole of Europe.

Cherries are often compared to the full red lips of a beautiful woman, and they symbolise beauty, transience and sensuality. In mediaeval art, cherries as well as apples symbolise the forbidden fruit.

YO fruit tip:
Have you ever tried a non-alcoholic Cherry Kiss? Pour 60ml YO cherry fruit syrup, 50ml pineapple juice, 30ml lemon juice, 30ml water and a handful of crushed ice cubes into a shaker and shake well. Garnish your cocktail with half a slice of pineapple and a cocktail cherry.