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Eckes-Granini Austria GmbH
Pummerinfeld 1b
4490 St. Florian

Doris Leitner
YO Brand Manager
Tel.: +43 (0)7224 / 418 88–151


12.10.11 14:34 Age: 9 Jahre


Category: Sortiment
Nothing but the fruitiest raspberries will do – making it a delight to succumb to our classic red syrup.

Of all fruits, raspberries are the ‘touchiest’. They are so soft that they can only be picked carefully by hand – and they won’t tolerate pesticides either. But this does have its advantages: The product is totally natural, thoughtfully harvested, and processed with care!

Raspberries go back a long way: Even as far back as the stone age, people collected and ate raspberries; in antiquity, the plants were used for medicinal purposes – and even Roman records repeatedly mention the unique effect they produced. In mediaeval monastery gardens, the monks finally began to cultivate raspberries – and they have remained vastly popular to the present day.

YO fruit tip:
Add YO raspberry fruit syrup to jazz up your yoghurt, milk or vanilla ice cream. Raspberry yoghurt, raspberry flavoured milk and raspberry vanilla ice cream are a treat for young and old alike!